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"You are one of the most attentive brokers that I have ever had the pleasure of working with during the past quarter century.  In addition, your follow through and attention to detail is beyond reproach.  Finally, your communication skills are second to none!"

-- Aaron A., June 2020

“Thank you so much for assisting us with the rental of our condo!  We really appreciate your professionalism.  As you know, we had worked with two prior rental agents and our only regret is that we didn't work with you sooner.  Once Howie remembered that his old friend Jim is a real estate broker, everything turned around. We are thankful that Jim recommended you and we couldn't be more pleased with the experience.

“After our initial phone call, you immediately sprang into action - you viewed the unit, obtained the keys, took photos and produced a very professional listing. Your listing found us a qualified tenant very quickly.  You have truly been a pleasure to work with and we will contact Jim and you in the future if we again need the help of a real estate professional in the Newton area.”

-- Laura and Howie M., June 2020

“I want to express how truly thankful I am that you were willing to help me with the start of my condo rental journey.  From the beginning when we first reconnected in January, I was impressed not only with your grace, poise, and professionalism, but so, too, your patience and kindness. You were always right there for me when I had questions -- and your clarity of thinking and guidance were really helpful.  I thought your ability to be clear in your opinions, but also flexible, is a true –- and uncommon -- asset. Throughout my decision-making I appreciated your balanced calm. 

“Of course, the fact that we ended up with a fantastic tenant in the midst of this pandemic is nothing short of a miracle. You are the best - your guidance enabled this success!”

-- Aviva S., May 2020

“We own two single family rental properties in Wellesley and have come to rely exclusively on Ava for the last 20 years.  Over the years, we have recommended her to friends who are property owners as well as those looking for housing in the area.  Ava has a deep understanding of the market and has always provided us with not only her honest assessment, but very sound and practical advice.  She has guided us through all types of market conditions providing valuable insight and expert pricing strategy.  Her perspective and advice on several major renovation projects has helped us invest wisely.

“Ava goes well beyond what anyone might expect in serving her clients, whether that means staying up late to run a detailed market analysis so a property can be listed quickly, bringing signature documents over at 11:30 at night, or persevering during tenuous times. With all that Ava has done for us over the years, she has become more than a trusted advisor and agent; she really seems like a member of the family.  We can’t imagine working with anyone else, no matter what the situation. 

“Ava clearly cares about everyone involved in the process and puts extraordinary effort into making it a positive experience for everyone.  She is great at sensing what might appeal to different individuals and what they might be looking for, whether or not they are able to articulate it clearly.  Our properties are normally on the market for a matter of days and more often than not, she is able to find the right person on the first showing.  She is also very respectful of our tenants’ needs when showing properties. She works hard to find workable times and honor any special requests regarding showing procedures. She helps minimize the stress level on both sides of the transaction by providing frequent updates and working through the approval process quickly. As a property owner, I truly appreciate the way Ava helps us begin and close our relationship with each tenant in such a positive way.  It’s no longer surprising that year after year, over the many transactions together, everyone involved comments on just how great she is.”

-- Jean and Bob M., April 2020

“I was introduced to Ava by a colleague who has worked with her for many years and I can see now why they insisted I talk to her and why she came so highly recommended.  I interviewed Ava and another agent, and hands down, there was no comparison.  Ava was patient, took time to answer my questions, no question was too great or too small.  She knew the market intimately by way of how my condo faired with others actively listed, and her attention to detail was exceptional.  

“Once on market, Ava worked quickly and with a high level of attention to keep me updated with all aspects of activity.  She was sharp, kind, and I know my best interests were at the heart of each action she took.  Ava comes with my highest recommendation and I couldn't have been more pleased with my decision to work with her.”

-- Rushi R., January 2020

“Ava helped me with my condo in Coolidge Corner this summer.  Her efficiency, quick response time, marketing, and understanding of pricing were excellent.  She is consistently a friendly voice on the phone, taking calls at whatever hour necessary and can be counted on to get needed action done not only on time but with consummate professionalism.  Ava was a pleasure to work with and it is with confidence I recommend her as a top Brookline Realtor."

-- Vlad W., January 2020

“Ava is by far the ONLY agent you should consider working with.  I have known her through the real estate business for the last 15 years.  The last 10 years I worked with her cross-country from California.  She acted not only as my agent but at times had to be my personal representative.  I trusted her with my homes, keys and the management of all aspects of the sales process.  She was meticulous and her attention to detail exceeds any expectation. 

“She KNOWS how to get a property sold and FAST.  Her quiet yet persistent manner gets RESULTS.  She listened and always acted on my personal behalf with my best interest at heart.  I could not have managed without her help these last several years.  There will be no replacement for Ava in California…I wish I could transplant her here!”

-- Harpreet B., November 2019

“Ava, it is genuinely a pleasure doing business with you! Your professionalism, dedication, attentiveness, thoroughness, and so much more make you a fantastic agent and a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to collaborating together again very soon." 

-- Justin B., May 2016

"Ava is extremely well-organized and knowledgeable.   On the basis of long experience, at all stages of the renting process her advice proved on-the-mark.    Her suggestions regarding difficult issues were always indispensable.”

-- Stephen K., June 2015

“You are without a doubt an incredibly knowledgeable gal who is definitely on top of her game! What has made our whole experience so amazing and totally positive is the fact you are a truly helpful, kind, and gracious individual in addition to being an extremely competent professional. We were so lucky to have you on our team. We could not have gotten through the process of renting our home and relocating to Atlanta without your wisdom, experience, and sound advice. 

“You were spot on when it came to selecting a tenant and your instincts were right on the mark. Our home was rented by an excellent tenant who exceeded our expectations and took very good care of our home. After hearing so many horror stories I was definitely feeling a bit anxious about renting out our Newton home. What looked to be a very daunting process actually turned out to be a straight forward, streamlined set of tasks with your expert guidance.  Believe me, Jeff and I can't thank you enough!“

-- Aileen R., March 2015

“Ava, I was so grateful for all the hard work you did in marketing my home. You knew the market cold and you handled everything personally. You managed complicated access restrictions and complicated customers and handled everything with grace and integrity.”

“Thanks so much.”

-- Bill O., September 2014

Ava Amiri has been helping us with the rental of our two apartments in Brookline for many, many years.  She is professional, knowledgeable, intelligent, understanding and is always there when we need her. Also, she is a really, really nice person.  There isn't anyone else we would rather use.”

-- Ronald R., June 2014

“Thank you for your expert assistance in helping us rent a home in Brookline.  Ava, Laura, and Nancy were all wonderful to work with.  My wife Margaret and I are delighted with our unit on Winthrop Road in Brookline.  You and your team have made our move from Seattle to Boston much easier.   Thank you again!”

-- Brian and Margaret L., September 2012

"I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the very positive co-broke experience that I have had recently working with your agent, Ms. Ava Amiri, in the rental of an apartment on Boylston Street in Newton.

"It was a real pleasure working with Ava and I was very impressed with her professionalism and demeanor - throughout the entire transaction. She was very understanding and especially responsive and I really appreciated working with her."

-- Heather, December 2010